How is the Luxury Glamping hotel insulated?

November 24,2020

The birth of the luxury tent hotel undoubtedly adds a splendor to the scenic camp. With the increase of tourists, the utilization rate of wild luxury tent hotels also greatly increase. For a whole year, the weather was unpredictable, high and low temperatures repeats, and its various environmental factors are testing the tent hotel. In terms of external operations, there are many problems that cannot be ignored. For example, how to do the insulation in the hot summer?

When it comes to heat, everyone will think of air conditioners and fans. Therefore, the wild tent hotel should be well equipped with the temperature control equipment , such as windows, fans and exhaust fans. Only in this way can the customer have a nice and comfortable living experience.

When speaking of wild luxury tent hotels, especially talking about wild luxury, it should focus on the wild and get close to nature. In the wild, although there will be a lot of terrible environments and weather, although it is irresistible, it is precisely possible to use the environmental advantages of nature for insulation purpose.

Here comes the point, what exactly are eco tent hotel made of and what materials are used for insulation? As the main material of the exterior wall of the tent hotel, PVC knife-scraper coated synthetic fiber cloth can effectively resist wind, snow, and waterproof. In addition, high-performance materials such as heat-absorbing cotton and thermal insulation cotton are added inside to keep the temperature inside the tent hotel stable.

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