Geodesic Dome Tent - Explain what is perfect Prefabricated Modular Architechture

March 12,2020

I'm used to looking at the high-rise buildings. The spherical dome building, with its curved elegant shape, gives a different feeling. Imagine that at the event with a huge geodesic dome architecture appeared, which will surely become the focus of the audience. The spherical geodome constructures with its eye-catching effect has a label from birth: perfection that makes God wonder.

Why do the architects choose a spherical dome bulidings ? It is not just a sci-fi appearance, but it also has a scientific reason: the structure of a spherical building is stronger than other shapes. The formation of the dome is based on the principle of the strongest geometric figure in the triangle, and the triangles crossing each other form a 3 to 8 or 5 to 8 sphere. Because of this triangular combination, it does not rely on the usually heavy four-sided brickwork or reinforced concrete wall, nor does it require any internal structural support. It has the largest internal space and its unobstructed natural brightness.

The spherical tent perfectly inherits the advantages of the spherical building. The spherical tent has the same ruggedness as a spherical building. Generally, the tent structure can be used for twenty years, and the PVC fabric can be used for five years. Compared with those reinforced concrete permanent buildings, tents have more advantages: geodesic dome adopts a modular design, convenient transportation, flexible construction, and unlimited construction sites. A fixed way to protect the site from damage. BDiR tents have performance advantages such as wind resistance, water resistance, UV resistance, and flame resistance.

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