Geodesic dome house new way of eco accommodation

December 08,2020

Geodesic dome tents are currently the first choice for many camping resort to build special tent accommodation hotels. Its characteristic appearance can be well integrated into the outdoor starry sky environment. The dome tents can also make a transparent skylight window on the top of the roof so that the customers can also better inside Looking at the stars.

Moreover, the overall cost of the eco glamping dome tent is affordable, and it has excellent safety and practicability. It can resist 10-12 level strong winds outdoors and can be used as a semi-permanent accommodation building in the scenic spot. At the same time, the geodesic dome house can also be customized according to the actual situation of the scenic spot, making exclusive spherical starry sky tent solution!

The eco dome house has a unique shape and is named as semi-ellipsoidal shape. The most common specification for accommodation is 6m diameter dome with indoor area about 28 square meters. It is very suitable as a tent hotel for outdoor accommodation, and the location of the bedroom and bathroom can be divided according to different functional spaces. The interior is clean and tidy, and the large floor-to-ceiling window type transparent tarp adds a lot of luster to the room, and it is also a good place for tourists to enjoy the scenery.

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