Subvert the Traditional Way of Camping

December 09,2020

With the development of society, the pressure of life in big cities is increasing. More and more people start to like to be close to nature and look forward to experiencing nature. I don't like the artificially decorated hotels in cement grids, and I don't want the harsh environment of outdoor camping. Today BDIR recommends a product that can achieve the best of both worlds-Geodesic Dome Hotel tent.

First of all, I will give you a brief introduction to the geodesic hotel tent. The geodesic hotel tent is simply a combination of the hotel and the spherical tent. Therefore, the spherical hotel tent has the characteristics of simple tent erection and maintenance, as well as the hotel's features of rich and comfortable features.


The geodesic hotel tent has a larger internal space than ordinary tents, which is mainly due to the spherical hotel tent structure. The structure of the spherical hotel tent is a net shell structure. The frame material is made of durable titanium steel or aluminum alloy, and then covered with pvc mesh cloth or hard pc as the cover of the spherical surface, while ensuring the beauty At the same time, it has excellent wind, snow and seismic mechanical properties.

In addition to these, the spherical hotel tent also has many other characteristics. The main part of the spherical hotel tent, the porch, and the corridor are modular in standard, and the spheres can be easily combined. At the same time, the assembled structure is convenient to install and disassemble, and the site is free to choose. You can choose to quickly build in different environments.

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