Fabric Structures Insulation Effect in Jordan

November 08,2019

In dry areas ,people will consider the temperature when building their own houses. The fabric structure has good thermal insulation properties, and its effect is superior to other building materials.

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According to research, the fabric structure has a good thermal insulation effect, which can reflect 70% of the solar thermal energy, the membrane itself absorbs 17%, the heat transfer is 13%, and the light transmittance is above 20%. After 10 years of Direct sunlight, its brightness can still retain 70%. This is related to its own material. The tension structures itself has light transmission, energy saving, environmental protection, and ultraviolet light; the light transmittance of the film material, the light transmittance is 20%-95%, natural diffused sunlight can be obtained during the day, and a large amount of lighting energy is saved, and the film has Reflecting the heat of the light can save some of the energy that acts on the air conditioner.

In the traditional structure, the change of the outdoor temperature causes a large amount of energy and a long time to change the indoor environment, because the heat storage capacity of the roof and the wall can alleviate the influence of the outdoor temperature and the dramatic change of the radiation on the indoor temperature.

In contrast, because the membrane is extremely thin and lightweight, the buffering effect on the indoor environment is minimal, and the thermal resistance of the membrane itself cannot be relied on to reduce the influence of external temperature and radiation changes on the interior.

fabric structures insulation effect in Jordan2019.9.27

Therefore, the fabric structure can have an incredible thermal insulation effect.

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