Event Dome Tent for Xi'an 30m Light Festival

March 19,2021

The BDIR Dome tent restaurant adopts a dome net shell structure with a spacious interior. The event dome tent size can be 4-50 meters in diameter, which can meet the needs of activities of different sizes.

 The Xi'an Light Festival adopts a fully transparent dome tent with a diameter of 30m, covering an area of 707 square meters. The large space for use made this event more atmospheric and shocking. The spherical tent frame is made of a typical green and environmentally friendly high-strength steel pipe material, which is truly pollution-free and odorless, so that guests will not feel uncomfortable when entering it. Because the Q235 high-strength variable steel pipe structure is light in weight, and extremely light in transportation and installation, it only takes a few days to complete the assembly and put it into use, which greatly reduces the cost, so it is favored by customers. The spherical tent is fully transparent, with 36 sets of built-in spotlights, so that people can feel the atmosphere of the event from ten miles away. The spherical tent can incorporate accessories such as lights, curtains, floors, carpets, air conditioners, glass doors/windows, etc., to fully upgrade the user experience and create high-end outdoor activity scenes.

As a pioneer in tent construction, BDIR provides you with a one-stop movable spherical tent solution

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