Characteristics of Sewage Pool Tensile Membrane Structure

November 08,2019

What is the structure of the gully cover membrane? What is the use of the gully cover tensile membrane structure? What is its characteristic?

With the rapid development of China's economy, especially the rapid development of petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, industrial wastewater, medicine, aquaculture, municipal sewage treatment and other industries, the pollution of malodorous gas has increased rapidly and seriously affected the surrounding environment and people's quality of life. Human health. In order to solve this situation, environmental protection equipment manufacturers have developed and produced the effluent cover deodorization treatment based on years of production design experience, combined with their own actual conditions, covering the sump cover film over the tank body and sealing off the exhaust gas overflow. The deodorizing device is used in conjunction with pipes, fans, purification towers, etc., to achieve the purpose of improving air quality and protecting the environment. So, what are the characteristics of the sewage pool cover film?

1. High strength low yarn polyester yarn and high quality PVC coating
In addition to the characteristics of high tensile strength, good flexibility, light and thin toughness, the high-strength low-yarn polyester yarn of the gully cover tensile membrane structure also has tear resistance, peeling resistance, folding resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance and non-toxicity. Health, air tightness and other characteristics. The high quality sewage pool cover tensile membrane structure PVC coating improves the surface characteristics of traditional coating materials, has excellent anti-pollution ability, can maintain long-term cleaning, enhances oxidation resistance, prevents PVC aging and prolongs service life.

2. UV curing
Sewage tank cover tensile membrane structure Environmental engineering membrane material, using advanced UV light curing treatment technology, can improve the outdoor durability of organic coating, UV absorber also plays the role of external light filter, can prevent harmful solar radiation into the coating The substrate effectively improves the aging resistance of the organic material, maintains stable physical properties at high and low temperatures, and has chemical stability under acid and alkali conditions, which greatly improves the material in strong corrosion, strong acid and alkali, salt spray and the like. Service life under conditions.

3. Biogas engineering application
According to the characteristics of biogas engineering, the biogas special series sewage pool cover tensile membrane structure has strong corrosion resistance, good air tightness, anti-aging, wind load resistance, H2S resistance, UV resistance, flame retardant and self-cleaning, which can solve the anti-corrosion and anti-freeze in winter. The problem is the ideal material for single/double membrane gas cabinets. The sewage tank cover tensile membrane structure has been widely used in large and medium-sized biogas projects. It has low base cost, small floor space, convenient operation management and maintenance, low maintenance cost, no sewage generation, stable gas storage pressure and long life. Large 15-20 years, easy to operate during use, is one of the effective ways to provide recyclable, clean and environmentally friendly energy. At the same time, its processability, sealing performance is good, and the processing technology is simple, which brings convenient conditions for the design and production of the construction unit, which is conducive to industrial production. Main application areas (1) Biogas recovery and storage in fields such as farms, water treatment, garbage disposal, etc.; (2) Low-pressure corrosive gas storage in chemical, refining, metallurgical and other fields.

4. Treatment of sewage and liquid chemicals
According to the characteristics of life and urban sewage treatment, in the urban sewage treatment plant to cover the deodorization, the selection of the closed system of the large pool body is particularly critical, and the technology of steel supporting the anti-sag film fully exerts the perfect combination of the structural skeleton and the membrane material. It specializes in the research and development and production of effluent cover tensile membrane structure in this field. It has been widely used in specific projects. It is quick to install, convenient to inspect, flexible in form, self-cleaning and economical.

5. Unique modified PVDF coating
A special modification aid is added to the PVDF coating to improve the self-cleaning property of the membrane and direct welding. At the same time, the modification auxiliary synergizes with the PVC layer additive to make the combination of PVDF and PVC coating more. It is firm and not easy to peel off, eliminating the need to apply a primer layer. The double-sided PVDF self-cleaning layer of the effluent cover tensile membrane structure not only has excellent protection for the top surface of the membrane, but also has excellent protection for the bottom surface.

6. Excellent antibacterial and anti-mildew properties
The effluent cover tensile membrane structure adopts high-quality low-yarn high-density polyester yarn (HT-PESLO WICK), and with high-efficiency anti-capillary and anti-mold additives, it completely eliminates mold, peeling, etc. caused by lateral leakage of the membrane. The phenomenon makes its lifespan greatly extended.

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