Technical Specifications

BDiR Inc. provides construction specifications in the CECS15:2004 standard for tensile membrane structures using PTFE, PVC, and PVDF materials. 

1. In order to ensure safety, reliability, advanced technology and economical rationality in the design and construction of membrane structure, this regulation has been specially formulated according to the design, construction experience and technical and economic development requirements of our company for many years.

2. This regulation is applicable to general permanent and temporary civil building roofs and structures, except for the structure, construction and acceptance of membrane structures other than open and closed and inflatable membrane structures.

3. When using this procedure in reference to the construction membrane structure specified in this regulation, in addition to the provisions of the full feasibility specification, procedures or standards. For membranes, fittings, etc. specified in this regulation, the relevant regulations shall be tested.

4. When designing the membrane structure, it must be calculated and analyzed according to the design conditions. It is strictly forbidden to blindly apply the design or calculation results of other membrane structures.

5. The design, construction and acceptance of the membrane structure shall be in accordance with the relevant national standards in addition to the implementation of this regulation.

6. These specifications are intended for use as a general guideline for designers. A certified construction specifier should be consulted to ensure Project specifications are compliant with local, regional, and national building codes and ordinances.