Steel Ropes

We use high quality Stainless Steel Wire Ropes and Galvanised Steel Wire Ropes for every tensile structures.

We use from 0.5mm up to 64mm Galvanised steel ropes in tensile fabric structures constructions including 1X7,1X19, 7X7,6X19, 7X19, 3X7, 18X7 and 19X7 with both Fibre Core and Steel Cores. Most wire ropes operate in demanding conditions and must resist crushing, bending fatigue and abrasion.  it is vital that all of wire ropes we use need to perform to the highest levels to maximise service life for tensile fabric structures.

We also use the AISI 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire Rope in some special tensile structures constructions .( The stainless steel rope size from 0.5mm up to 26mm, including: 1X19, 7X7, 7X19 and 6X36 wire core)