Membrane Fixing Types

Connection of the membrane material   

1.The basic methods to connect the  membrane material include : suturing, welding, bonding and combinations.

2.The connections between the membrane elements mainly include rope connection, clamp connection or bolt connection. 

3.Strengthened cables should be set to strengthen local membrane materials if the span of the membrane structure is larger than 15m. As to air supported membrane structure and tensioned membrane structure, there exist two ways to set the strengthened cables which are shown in the following figures. 

Connection of  the membrane material and rigid boundary :
Connection of the membrane material and concrete edge members; 

Connection of the membrane material and the edge of the steel component; 

Connection of the membrane material  and the support frame.
1)Connection of  the membrane and boundary cable: Shrink sleeve, band, U splint are usually used to connect the membrane material and flexible cable.

2)Connection of  the membrane and notochord 

3)Connection of  the membrane and valley cable