Fabric Materials Introduction

Fabric Membrane Material: A kind of composite material with high strength and good flexibility. It mainly includes base material, coating, surface coating, adhesive and so on.

1. Base Material: The base material is composed of all kinds of fabric fibers which determine structural and mechanical properties of the material. There are different kinds of base materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar (Fang Guan) fiber, polyester fiber, glass fiber and so on. According to the requirement of the strength of the structure, polyester fiber and glass fiber are usually selected as building membrane materials.  

2. Coating: At present, various resin coating materials are available. Such as PVC , PVDF , PTFE , Silicone and Flexurane. The first three coating materials are usually used in buildings.

3. All advantages at a glance:
• Individual shape and color
• Low material costs
• Short planning, manufacturing and assembly time
• Support-free roofing for large areas
• Temporary and portable constructions possible
• Enclosed structures possible using thermally insulated and soundproofed, multilayer membrane constructions
• Savings on lighting
• Long lifespan
• Excellent heat protection – high reflectivity
• Excellent resistance to earthquakes