• Glamping Tent Structures Covering with Double PVDF Fabric Membrane

Glamping Tent Structures Covering with Double PVDF Fabric Membrane


     Structure Frame Material  Q235 steel, wood, aluminum alloy, stainless steel
     Fabric Roof Material  PVC/ PVDF/ PTFE with color optional
     Wall Material  PVC fabric membrane, glass wall, wooden wall
     Floor Material  wood floor, wood deck
     Door & Window  glass door & window, standard zip-up window and door
     Fabric Tensile Strength  2500-4400N
     Fabric Tear Strength  520-580N
     Fire Rating  DIN4102 B1/SGS M2
     Delivery Time  About 30 Days after confirm deposit
     Quality  ISO9001, MSDS, CE, BV, TUV, SGS
     Place of Origin  Shenzhen, China


Glamping Tent Structures Covering with Double PVDF Fabric Membrane


Camping or charming camping – an exciting place that is close to nature, ecological value, comfort and modern design has become increasingly popular. This approach combines the traditional outdoor camper's affinity with hotel amenities, including comfortable bedding, bathrooms and kitchens. The custom semi-permanent tent structure adds a design-conscious upgrade to traditional family cabin tent. This eco lounge hotel gives people the opportunity to experience nature and enjoy a unique design and the comfort of a five-star hotel. 
Two models of open-air jungle tent were designed based on species prototypes in nature. The Stacking Doughnut tent is inspired by pebbles and has a wedge-shaped deck between the bedroom and the living room. Permanent tent cabins are designed for expandable construction by juxtaposed modular floor panels. The Modular Flow tent is a slightly oscillating tube whose sleep and rest areas are separated by internal partitions. The shape consists of a series of identical modules that are arranged from front to back to produce a curve. 
Both yurt house feature a white double-layer PVDF film that is UV-resistant, waterproof and fire resistant. The double skin is resistant to extreme weather in the four seasons. For the complex geometry of the casing, the computer animated surface plan is drawn with a 2D cutter and welded with high frequency technology, which provides absolute water tightness. Carefully consider the shape and location of the structure to create an aesthetic in day and night. The stainless steel frame is on site and the structure is simply bolted in place. The deck is made of wood and the interior floor is carpeted with Swedish cream textile flooring. 
BDiR Inc. offers luxury glamping tents, hotel tents, eco-lodges and camping tents at very reasonable prices. We ship tent homes architecture worldwide for all purposes. No matter where your tent, hotel, resort or camp will be located - be it on water, rocks, desert, sand, a grassy plain, tropical beach, ice field or in dense rainforest - we will ensure it is built to last. 


  • What is the sustainable green living tented house configuration?

    Integrated tent house: A range of tent systems are integrated into the tent huts to meet the needs of customers for different tent hotels. The luxurious tent hotel system includes a Voile system, a thermal insulation system, a lighting system, an anti-mosquito system, a partition system, a viewing system, a power supply system, and a bathroom system.

    The integrated system tent lodge is not only fully equipped, but also can be customized and designed to meet the needs of each customer. At the same time, it also eliminates the waste of any resources, thus outputting a tailor-made, professional tent hotel solution for customers.

    √. Voile system: sheer Voile Roof, Voile curtains, etc. It is used for decoration, partitioning and shading in the interior of the tent.

    √. Insulation and cold protection system: Because the hotel tents are mostly used in the wild, the problem of heat insulation and warmth is particularly prominent. The double-layer PVC/PVDF fabric membrane effectively blocks the heat & cold, making the tent hotel comfortable in both hot summers and cold winters. 

    √. Lighting system: Night lighting According to the power situation of the customer's hotel address, the series of lights or camping lights are used to ensure the illumination of different terrains. The walls of the tent hotel can be fitted with daylighting windows or glass curtain walls to ensure daytime lighting.

    √. Anti-mosquito system: Tent's with Screening windows and doors can effectively prevent mosquito interference. 

    √. Partition system: By dividing the partition, you can effectively use the various areas in the tent to increase its practicability & Privacy. Divided material: Fabric membrane, Voile, glass/wooden wall etc.

    √. Viewing system: The atmosphere of blending with nature is the core of the entire tent hotel operation. The leisure space created by the observation deck, transparent canopy and lounge chairs allows you and your friends to talk in the nature before going to sleep.

    √. Power supply system: In order to provide effective power in the field, water can be heated by electric water heaters or solar panels with corresponding power to provide energy for night lighting. 

    √. Bathroom system: The tent house can be installed with a shower room, toilet, wash basin etc.





    Eco tent lodges features:

    1: High strength and Light weight

    2: Waterproof, UV resistant and Heat insulation

    3: Self-cleaning and Beautiful view

    4: Easy and short time installation

    5: Sustainable eco friendly

    6: Windproof, Snow resistant, Earthquake resistant

    7: Modular assembly structures, Can be built in environmentally sensitive areas

    8: Energy-saving, Artistic, Economical, Self-cleaning



    Why choose BDiR eco-friendly lodges ?

    Safety:We adhere to strict safety standards. Our materials are selected and designed into integrated systems to meet different condition regional, structural and fire safety requirements.

    Comfort: Lightweight fabric structures lodges can be as comfortable as traditional buildings. Our design team with most advanced membrane structures technology  to create low energy, high comfort, eco-friendly tented structures buildings.

    Lifespan: Our performance textiles and frame structural components are engineered to ensure product longevity (and good client return on investment) with fewer maintenance cycles.

    Experience:We design, supply, and install high performance fabric structures tent house for luxury safari, camping/glamping site and resort markets at very reasonable prices around the world. No matter where your tent or camp will be located – be it on water, rocks, desert, sand, a grassy plain, tropical beach, ice field or in dense rainforest – we will ensure it is built to safety and last.


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