• Tensile PVDF Tent Gazebo as Garden House at the Pond Masilko
  • Tensile PVDF Tent Gazebo as Garden House at the Pond Masilko
  • Tensile PVDF Tent Gazebo as Garden House at the Pond Masilko
  • Tensile PVDF Tent Gazebo as Garden House at the Pond Masilko

Tensile PVDF Tent Gazebo as Garden House at the Pond Masilko


     Structure frame material  Q235 steel, wood, aluminum alloy, stainless steel
     Fabric roof material  PVC/ PVDF/ PTFE with color optional
     Wall material  PVC fabric membrane, glass wall, wood wall
     Floor material  wood floor, wood deck
     Door & window  glass door & window, standard zip-up windows and doors
     Fabric tensile strength  2500-4400N
     Fabric tear strength  520-580N
     Fire Rating  DIN4102 B1/SGS M2
     Delivery Time  About 30 Days after confirm deposit
     Quality  ISO9001, MSDS, CE, BV, TUV, SGS
     Place of Origin  Shenzhen, China


Tensile PVDF Tent Gazebo as Garden House at the Pond Masilko


Project Name: Másílko Lakeside Cottage (exclusive safari lodges at the Pond Másílko)
Architect: OK Plan Architects Architects
Project location: Hungbolec, Czech Republic
Project area: 41. 7m2
Project time: 2009
Photography: OK Plan Architects Architects Public Relations Department
At the beginning of the last century, Másílko was a very famous lakeside resort in the area. Industrial water is supplied to the Hongpolec region. In 1999, the resort, together with the surrounding land, was sold to a private buyer and gradually became a resort lake. 
The luxury tent resort is located directly on the dam on the north side of the pond, providing a quiet holiday experience for visitors. The tented cabin is 11. 7 meters long and 3. 57 meters wide, and the foundation is built at a height of about 5. 5 meters above the platform. A public space, storage room and a bedroom can be seen at the entrance. The roof of tent house structures is stretched from an extended fabric membrane and supported by a steel frame. The outer strong, the stairs and the roofing are all made up of three layers of wooden boards. The load-bearing walls and beams on the walls are insulated, and waterproof. 
The roof of the pavilion is a membrane sail that stretches over the steel arch outside the structure. The surrounding walls and partitions of the glamping accommodation pavilion, the floor and the roof are made of wood sandwich - wooden columns and beams, and the interior and exterior are covered with insulation and marine plywood. The house shaped tents is heated by an electric space heater. 
BDiR Inc. offers wide range of Luxury tensile tents, Tensile membrane tents, tent recommendations, architectural tent structures at very reasonable prices. We ship luxury camping tents worldwide for all purposes. No matter where your tent, hotel, Resort or camp will be located - be it on water, rocks, desert, sand, a grassy plain, tropical beach, ice field or in dense rainforest - we will ensure it is built to safety & last. 


  • What is the hotel tent materials?

    1. Frame - High-strength steel: Q235 steel, high strength, anti-seismic and typhoon, anti-corrosion and cracking deformation.

    2. Wall - Ecological wall panel: light weight, energy saving 60% than concrete wall insulation, American Class A fire resistance standard, sound insulation and moisture resistance, load bearing capacity and high seismic performance, all environmentally friendly building materials.

    3. Roof - PVC/PVDF membrane, fireproof and thermal insulation rock wool board, OSB board, waterproof membrane fiberglass tile, all made of new environmentally friendly materials, meet the international standard fire level, full-function moisture-proof sound insulation.

    4. Wall surface - environmentally friendly plastic wood: a combination of solid wood and plastic, with good moisture, acid and alkali, anti-fungal, anti-static, anti-insect and anti-UV properties.

    5. Flooring - PVC eco floor / solid wood flooring. It has the characteristics of strong decoration, quick construction, environmental protection, non-toxic regeneration, comfort, wear resistance, non-slip, fireproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, sound-absorbing and anti-bacterial.

    6. Form - glass and broken bridge aluminum alloy (plastic) composite window, high-strength anti-explosion, anti-earthquake and radiation protection, greatly reduce indoor and outdoor heat energy transmission, and achieve high standard energy-saving effect.

    7. Others - Fireproof insulation cotton, waterproof paint, galvanized sheet, fluorocarbon paint, etc., adopting green and high-standard building materials.



    Why choose eco tented lodges?

    1. Flexible and convenient, ecological and environmentally friendly

    In some terrains where permanent buildings are not easy to build, such as on hillsides, in jungles, in sea beach, in rivers and lakes. Because the hotel tents use modular assembly structure, it can be built easily and quickly in most natural environmentally sensitive areas. During the construction process, the surrounding natural environment is rarely excavated and destroyed, and it can be better integrated into the ecological environment.

    2. Rapid construction, safe and stable

    The hotel tents are made of modular steel-wood frame, which can be safely and stably used in different terrains. The tents can adapt to the temperature range of -30° to 70°, and can withstand 8-10km/h winds in the outdoor environment, carrying rain and snow. The eco lodges roof is made of ultra-light PVC, PVDF, PTFE and other materials, with good waterproof, UV-resistant, tear-resistant properties, as well as B1/M2 fire resistance. Most of the hotel tent Manufactured process is completed at the factory, which can reduce construction time.

    3. Artful, luxurious and comfortable

    The tent hotel uses the membrane structures as the roof. The membrane structures is based on styling and color science. Combining the natural environment, ethnic customs and human geography, according to the architect's creativity, the curve and shape that are difficult to achieve by traditional construction are built. The tent hotel with its beautiful and unique shape is full of fashion charm and blends with nature. The interior of tent is decorated with bedrooms, bathrooms, rest area and other areas. The tent cottages offers luxurious furniture, comfortable flooring, smart lighting and other facilities. You can experience the comfort of a five-star hotel in the wild.

    4. Durable life and low maintenance cost

    The tent lodge is constructed of high-strength aluminum alloy, stainless steel and carbon steel. It is matched with high-strength, fully waterproof PVC or PVDF fabric membrane to ensure product life and reduce maintenance intervals.



    Why choose BDiR's eco friendly lodges ?

    Safety: We adhere to strict safety standards. Our materials are selected and designed into integrated systems to meet different condition regional, structural and fire safety requirements.

    comfort: Lightweight fabric structures lodges can be as comfortable as traditional buildings. Our design team with most advanced membrane structures technology  to create low energy, high comfort, eco-friendly tented structures buildings.

    Lifespan: Our performance textiles and frame structural components are engineered to ensure product longevity (and good client return on investment) with fewer maintenance cycles.

    Experience: We design, supply, and install high performance fabric structures tent house for luxury safari, camping/glamping site and resort markets at very reasonable prices around the world. No matter where your tent or camp will be located - be it on water, rocks, desert, sand, a grassy plain, tropical beach, ice field or in dense rainforest - we will ensure it is built to safety and last.





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