Wild Luxury Tent Hotel—Combine Life With Nature and Blend Into This Wild Luxury Life

December 14,2020

Move the luxurious environment and services of a boutique hotel to nature, Experiencing the ultimate tranquility of the original ecological life is the persistent dream of Yanran Wild Luxury Tent.

Wild buildings living in harmony with natural beauty give each visitor extraordinary material enjoyment and spiritual resonance. In the meantime, you will feel the extreme contrast between "wild" and "luxury

Taking a luxury glamping hotel is a brand new outdoor experience.

Since the design of tent structure is all villas with open view, if you want to understand eco-cabins, then the design of tents is related, focusing on open space, transparent and bright, and perfectly integrated with the natural landscape. Therefore, you are naturally Will treat yourself as a host, not just a tourist. This is a city where business hotels cannot bring life experience.

With the development of the tourism industry in the future, hotel tents will also introduce more smart homes and glamping tents factories to create a more comfortable outdoor accommodation experience and create more environmentally friendly and energy-saving green camps.

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