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December 11,2020

Charming camping---an exciting adventure place that is close to nature, ecological value, comfort and modern design, has become increasingly popular. This approach combines traditional campers’ affinity for the outdoors with hotel facilities, including comfortable bedding, bathrooms and kitchens. The customized semi-permanent tent structure is a design-conscious upgrade from traditional camping tents. This kind of membrane structure tent gives people the opportunity to experience nature, and also provides a unique design and comfortable experience of five-star hotel standards.

The stardust camping tent use white double-layer PVDF film, which has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet, waterproof and fireproof. The double-layer membrane can withstand extreme weather in all seasons. For the complex geometry of the shell, the computer animation surface plan is drawn with a 2D cutting machine and welded with high-frequency technology, which provides absolute waterproofness. Carefully consider the shape and location of the structure to create beauty during the day and night. At the site, the steel frame structure is simply bolted to the floor. The deck is constructed with wood-plastic flooring, while the indoor floor is laid with composite wood flooring.

BDiR Inc. designs, supplies and installs high-performance ecological camping tents for use in camping sites and sustainable resort markets worldwide. We provide universal, standard and customized front-end solutions that meet the needs of customers and projects.

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