Important points of water and electricity installation in glamping tent

December 15,2020

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people choose to travel for leisure. However, simple travelling cannot ease the pressure of urban life. The outdoor camping experience that advocates "natural luxury" has become the "darling" of life in the new era.

While enjoying the beauty of nature, you can also enjoy the convenience brought by modern life, which is the essence of luxury life in the wild. However, living outdoors is not easy. For example, connecting hydropower and luxury tent hotels in the wild is a problem that requires professional knowledge to solve.

As the overall form of tourism accommodation services, Glamping tent hotel construction must have the layout design of water and electricity connections in the planning stage. The connection source can be municipal line access, and the owner can also self-organize the network in a small area.

Although the development and construction of glamping tent resort is not fixed (relocation can be quick and convenient), the design and construction of hydropower systems should also refer to the design and construction in accordance with the requirements of the local authorities, as well as the development of local tourist attractions and other special industry standards or the construction of the hotel accommodation industry.

Most eco luxury glamping tent hotel are located in mountainous areas, far away from human habitats. Therefore, in the design of hydropower projects, it is necessary to fully consider the complex outdoor environment, take appropriate protective measures, and select pipelines that meet the standards. At the same time, multi-point power supply should also be designed for energy saving and emission reduction to reasonably reduce energy consumption.

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