why visitors and resort hotels favor luxury tented lodges?

April 21,2020

For visitors, luxury tents can deliver "wild" experience without sacrifacing comfort.

Wild camping has always been popular with many people, but the harsh accommodation experience of humble tents has been  a fly in the ointmen.Now luxury tent hotel can perfectly solve the problem. Tented hotel is used of aluminum alloy structure and it can resist 8-10 levels and beyond of wind, and tent cover tarpaulin is also with wind protection rain, sun and sun flame retardant performance, which can ensure that guests will not be affected by bad weathers, and very safe!

Besides, luxury tent accommodation has been specially designed to provide a different camping experiences for the guests. And the interior is a net cross structure without a middle column.So the spacious space allows you offering a variety of accommodation packages, even Wifi, bathroom, balcony and other facilities can be perfected for visitors, offering your guests the chance to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of the five-star outdoor accommodation experience in the wildderness environment!

For the resort hotelier, first of all, luxury glamping tents is easy to assemble and cater for different venues and settings: generally like mountains, grasslands, seaside, jungle, desert and other special terrain are difficult to build fixed buildings. But not for tent hotel. With specilized structure it can suited for many places that tradtional houses cannot reach. And all the construction of mobile vacation room is completed in the factory production, and its assembly can be set up very quickly. The whole  process from manufacturing to assembling cause lowest impacting to the environments compared with the traditional strctures. And the tent can be customized according to the style of the site to blend into the local natural environment.

Secondly, luxury tented lodges is a very rewarding invesment with high return. Due to its unique appearance and high cost-effective advantage, luxury tents are widely applied in various fields from tent accommodation to catering, entertainment, exhibition, trade show, event and beyond. It is a low-cost option for investing in the construction of characteristic scenic camps. 

BDiR Inc. has a professional operation team, which can provide investors with complete solutions and services from camp planning to hotel resort tent interior configuration. We can provide a variety of hotel tent products, including single-top tents, conch-shaped tents, pumpkin-shaped tents, etc. In addition to meeting the needs of outdoor accommodation, they can also be used in leisure, entertainment,catering,public buildings and other areas. Interested, please feel free to come to consult.

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