Why should We Build Warehouse Tensioned Fabric Structure?

November 12,2019

Warehouse tensioned fabric structure refers to a warehouse made of tensioned fabric structure as the main material. Due to the large-span structure of the tensioned fabric structure, it has the characteristics of light weight, quick installation and convenience, so it is often used in industrial facilities such as warehouses, shutdown warehouses, chemical wastewater pools, factories, and even containers.

The tensioned fabric structure of the warehouse meets the market requirements. Because of the characteristics of the tensioned fabric structure itself, it can be widely loved by people for large area, large span, unobstructed internal space and quick construction. tensioned fabric structure warehouse engineering's excellent performance, such as immediacy, long span, daylighting, long life and aesthetics, make it replace the traditional architectural form and realize the various requirements of the building.

So, what are the specific characteristics of the warehouse tensioned fabric structure? BDiR Inc. takes everyone to know:
1, to achieve large span, light structure
The tensioned fabric material used in the tensioned fabric structure is about kilograms per square kilogram. Due to its light weight, the use of steel cables and steel structure high-strength materials, and the force system is simple and reasonable, the force is mostly transmitted by the axial force, so the warehouse tensioned fabric The structure is suitable for forming an open pillarless large-span structural system across a large space.
2, to achieve an unobstructed space inside
The tensioned fabric surface of the tensioned fabric structure of the warehouse is self-balanced by the tension, so that the interior can be freely accessible.
3, security
The warehouse tensioned fabric structure designed in accordance with existing national codes and guidelines is sufficiently safe. The lightweight warehouse tensioned fabric structure maintains good stability under horizontal loads such as earthquakes.
4, fast installation, ready to use
5, beautiful and unique shape
6, flexible
The tensioned fabric structure of the warehouse is not rigid, and it will deform under the action of wind load or snow load. The tensioned fabric structure is adapted to the external load by deformation, and the radius of curvature of the tensioned fabric surface in the direction of the load is reduced during this process until it is more effective against the load.

These are the advantages of the tensioned fabric structure of the warehouse, and the advantages are obvious compared with the traditional materials. BDiR Inc is currently one of China's high-end tensioned fabric structure technology companies. The plant covers an area of 30 mu, with tensioned fabric processing workshop, testing workshop and steel structure finishing workshop. It is the governing unit of the China Steel Structure Association Space Structure Branch. It has the first-class qualification of tensioned fabric structure contracting, the first-class qualification of design, and the third-class qualification of steel structure. .

Our products are widely used in commercial plazas, stadiums, bus stations, toll stations, sewage pool cover tensioned fabric structures, biogas pool cover tensioned fabric structures, warehouse tensioned fabric structures, transportation facilities, environmental protection facilities, landscape facilities, cultural facilities, parking sheds, steel tensioned fabric structure design and installation in the field of structural workshops, and processing of tensioned fabric materials.

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