Where does the Fabric Membrane Structure Appear

November 08,2019

The fabric membrane structure has been inseparable from our life. The awnings that can be seen everywhere on the street, the awnings that are indispensable for the tourist attractions, the use of membrane structures are so unimaginable that we have spread to every detail of life and integrate them into All walks of life. The fabric membrane structure transforms people from the shade tool into a colorful logo to make the building.

1.Shading place
Under the awning is the best choice for drying clothes. The membrane structure awning can block the wind and rain and prevent the clothes exposured of the sun. Under the fabric membrane structure, a drying rack is installed to hang clothes, even if you suddenly go out when it is out, it is not afraid that the clothes will get wet.

2. Prevent ultraviolet radiation
The membrane can effectively block the ultraviolet radiation, reduce the indoor temperature and reduce the air conditioning load. The local sunshade system with large window in the office, building, campus and public places can effectively block the direct sunlight and play very well. The shading function maintains the interior floor and furniture to a certain extent.

3. Coordinate indoor lighting
While blocking the high temperature, it can make strong sunlight reflect into the room with diffused light, make the indoor light bright, and extend people's living space from indoor to outdoor without affecting the outdoor scenery.

4. Outdoor small living room
 Under the tensile membrane structure, you can make a small living room in the wild. Put on the table and chairs and barbecue tableware, you can mix the natural poly-carbon wood craft, put green plants. The whole family gathers together to enjoy the family time.

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