What are the Characteristics of a Semi-Spherical Dome Tent?

November 10,2019

Since its introduction to the market, hemispherical dome tents have been widely used in various activities, becoming a hot star product in tent products, and as an innovative product different from traditional tents, what are the characteristics of hemispherical tents?

Unique spherical reticulated shell structure:

*Safety: The reticulated shell structure is a spatial structure with broad development prospects. It has the main characteristics of the rod structure and the thin shell structure. The overall structure is under reasonable force and has large rigidity and high stability. 8-10 winds resistance, this is a very stable safety for spherical tents when used outdoors!

*Large span: The reticulated shell structure can make a large space with small components, which not only saves material cost, but also spans a large span, so the current geodesic dome tent has a variety of specifications of 3-50 meters in diameter, and The BDiR geodesic dome tent is currently available in a 100-meter diameter!

*Easy to detach: The materials required for the geodome tent are factory-made and can be quickly built on site, and can be repeatedly installed, disassembled and reused. Moreover, due to its simple structure and light weight, the installation and installation are also very fast and convenient. For example, a 5-meter-diameter spherical tent can be built in 2 hours, and there is no limit to the terrain. This make the outdoor activities become more convenience!

Strong plasticity, there are many creative changes:

*Creative appearance: The spherical tent not only brings a quite unique appearance to the reticulated shell structure, but also brings considerable changes to the appearance of the spherical tent in various choices of materials. For example, in addition to the conventional white fabric covers, the membrane has a variety of colors, translucent, fully transparent and inkjet patterns. At the same time, the material of the frame is also painted in different colors to reduce the monotonous of the metal frame. In addition, there are also high-end atmospheric & glass roof dome tent to choose from. With a variety of different materials, you can bring creative spherical tents to the event!

*A variety of applications: a variety of changes in specifications and appearance can bring a wide range of applicability to spherical tents, such as exhibitions, promotions, conferences and other commercial activities, as well as very popular tent hotels are suitable. Moreover, due to its spherical characteristics, it brings new creative ways such as light projection and dome projection, which can create a currently popular dome theater and bring more creative ways to the event!

Therefore, the many characteristics of the spherical tent make it perform well in many activities. If you need a spherical tent for your current activities, BDiR Inc. can provide you Spherical dome tent with the most economical benefits no matter what your unique needs. 

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