What are the Advantages of Airdome Compared to Traditional Buildings

August 04,2021

What are the advantages of airdome compared to traditional buildings

Air supported building, also known as "inflatable film building", refers to a building that is filled with air in a film product made of polymer materials to form a house. Inflatable membrane buildings can be divided into air-bearing membrane buildings and inflatable membrane buildings.

The construction process is pollution-free and more environmentally friendly: there is no noise, no environmental pollution, and no output of construction waste during the production and construction of the membrane material. Buildings with steel and concrete as the main body cause a lot of construction waste all the time, and air-filled membrane buildings can achieve a huge building space with minimal resource consumption.

2. The construction period is shorter than other buildings: all the design and production of membrane materials in the air-film building are completed in the factory, and only installation work is carried out on site. The construction difficulty is low, and the construction period is shortened by more than 1/2. It is a very economical building form often used in construction management.

3. More energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building: PVDF membrane material coated on the surface has high heat reflectivity and heat dissipation rate. It is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly material recommended by the membrane construction industry at home and abroad. The hollow insulation system used combines the membrane building with a perfect combination, and the energy consumption is only 1/10 to 1/4 of that of the traditional building, and the total energy saving is more than 80.

4. Lower construction cost: For traditional buildings, the larger the span, the larger the steel beam, and the higher the cost. Inflatable membrane buildings are different. Within the scope allowed by the design, the span and cost have not changed, so the total cost is generally only 1/3 to 1/5 of traditional steel and concrete structures.

5. Lightweight building space with larger span: Since the membrane material itself is very light, the self-weight of the inner and outer double-layer membrane is less than three kilograms, and the high pressure difference between indoor and outdoor inflatable membrane can achieve an ultra-large span of 300 meters, which is impossible for traditional buildings. of.

If you have any questions or want to know about the structure of the air film, you are welcome to consult BDIR inflatable products.

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