The World'S Top Wild Luxury Tent Resort-Sri Lanka

April 16,2021

Yala Coast glamping resorts is adjacent to the famous Yala National Park, which is famous for densely populated leopards (Ceylon leopards). It is also close to the coastline of the Indian Ocean. It is a resort hotel surrounded by primitive jungle where you can see wild animals and the sea. , So it is also called wild coast glamping resorts.

It’s not like the wild and harsh environment of the African savannah. There is no need to climb the steep and difficult snow-capped mountains of South America, and it’s not a desert with scorching sun. The location of glamping resorts here is not only to seamlessly integrate the architecture and the natural landscape according to local conditions, but also to protect the ecological environment of the Yala area to the greatest extent, highlighting the original luxury resort concept-wild luxury.

The glamping tents covers an area of 5,250 square meters, with 36 luxury Cocoon Glamping Tent House, which are enlarged and built on the basis of the microscopic termite mound, scattered in this primitive jungle and blending with the surrounding landscape perfectly.

    The resort was built in 2017. The luxury Cocoon Glamping Tent House uses Ferrari professional membrane material. The outer membrane is: Serge Ferrari 702S2 professional membrane material; the inner membrane is Serge Ferrari BatylineAw sound-absorbing fabric; the load-bearing structure is steel, and the other structures are bamboo.

Camping tent is also extremely luxurious. The design combines colonial style and modern fashion. It is mainly based on natural colors, from handmade copper bathtubs to luxurious four-poster beds, from teak floors and canvas walls to dark leather products and metal accessories. , All reveal the eclectic design beauty, through the double glass curtain wall, you can see the jungle scene and truly feel the tropical atmosphere.

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