The Geodesic Dome Tent has a Wide Range of Practicability, and The Structure is Very Beautiful

January 10,2022

In recent years, customized dome tents are highly sought after, highly integrated with nature, making it a brand new travel experience. At present, urban life is boring, and the noise pollution from automobile exhaust is serious. More and more people yearn for life in nature, and getting close to nature has become a trend.
First of all, the location prefabricated glamping dome generally chooses to build a tent hotel in the scenic camp, which not only increases the characteristics of the scenic spot, but also integrates the internal landscape of the tent hotel with the scenic spot.

The adventure dome tent are very suitable for use in leisure coffee houses in scenic spots, special hotels in camping sites, special homestays, high-end tent hotel accommodation in ecological farms, special outdoor dining, leisure gardens, greenhouses, etc.

The dome garden shed interior of BDiR Inc. can be customized according to customer needs, so that every spherical hotel is unique, and there are also supporting designs that can add many equipment such as: air conditioning, curtains, bathroom, etc. Various hotels of different grades can be built according to different needs.

The second is the geodesic dome hub and the surrounding landscape will be themed around tent hotels, scattered in the forest. The tent hotel can be well integrated with the surrounding rest houses, swimming pools, and lounge chairs, allowing visitors to look up at the starry sky inside and outside and enjoy the scenery!

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