How Long does Camping Tent Live in Outdoor Camping?

January 05,2022

Camping tent has become a popular new way of travel and vacation. When we communicate with customers, most people who plan to invest in the construction of tent hotels will have a question, how many years can the tent hotel be used outdoors?

BDiR’s hotel tents are temporary structures, and the word “temporary” may confuse customers. However, camping tents are mainly made of aluminum alloy brackets and PVC-coated fabric materials. When properly maintained, the structure of this temporary building can have a long service life just like a traditional building. The real advantage of the tent hotel is that it shortens the construction period, can be flexibly set up in different places, and can be reused.

Our glamping tent can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, such as: sun, strong wind, rain, snow, etc. Unlike canvas tents, the PVC tarpaulin we use is UV resistant, waterproof and flame retardant. The aluminum alloy bracket will not be oxidized and rusted in long-term outdoor use, and there is no need to regularly paint during use.

But although we use durable materials, the service life of the glaming tent house is related to the local weather conditions, and different environments cause different losses to the tent. In general, the service life of the aluminum alloy bracket of the hotel tent can be up to 20 years, and the PVC tarpaulin on the top and side walls can be up to 10 years.

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