The Beautiful Style of Geodesic Dome Tent's Design, The Best Choice For Vacation

September 27,2021

BDiR Inc.'s current geodesic dome tent design is inspired by the "modern original ecology" travel demand that perfectly integrates modern civilization with the original landscape. Experience the blessings of nature while enjoying the stylish home furnishings.

The original ecology mentioned here refers to the unassuming and wild nature of the natural scenery, and the non-extremely beautiful scenery is not in my eyes. The modern term refers to the comfort and warmth of being in a wilderness, perfecting your spiritual experience. The environment where dome tent is located, the air is naturally excellent. The tent in the evening is more charming, the sky full of stars, peaceful and warm. Such a dome tent design brings people a comfortable and warm environment, with endless aftertastes.

As a kind of temporary mobile building, the prefabricated structure enables the glamping dome to be quickly constructed and put into use. The ecological dome tent is placed outdoors all year round, and the safety cannot be ignored. Class dome is all customized with high-strength aluminum alloy brackets. by PVC waterproof tarpaulin is the main structure, and the service life can reach 15-20 years, which greatly alleviates the worries of tourists and guarantees the safety of tourists.

Glamping dome can be freely customized in terms of appearance, structure and soft decoration. BDiR Inc has a variety of custom shapes to choose from, each with its own characteristics and different styles. Developers can make progress according to the actual environment of the scenic spot and camp.
Customize, judge and filter out the appropriate tent type. Elegant, stylish, and unique shape is the grand hotel. It can live in harmony with nature, give people a refreshing feeling, and attract tourists.

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