Tension Membrane Structure - in London

October 10,2020

In order to welcome the advent of the new century, people tried to express their congratulations in various ways. Building a building not only attracts attention because of its shape, but also will exist as a landmark building for a long time. Among the many monumental buildings around the world, the Millennium Dome built in the UK is particularly prominent. It is this tension membrane structure that embodies the essence of 20th century architectural technology, and it is certainly appropriate to use it to meet the new century.

The tension membrane structure breaks the pattern of pure linear architectural style. With its unique and beautiful surface shape, the perfect combination of simplicity, crispness, rigidity and flexibility, strength and beauty presents a refreshing feeling and provides architects with more Big imagination and creation space.

Advantage of the fabric membrane structure:
1. Lightweight: The reason why the tension structure is small in weight is that it relies on the prestressed form rather than the material to maintain the stability of the structure. Thus its self-weight is much smaller than the traditional building structure, but it has good stability. Architects can use their light and large span to design and organize structural details to unify their light and stable structural characteristics.

2, Light transmission: light transmission is one of the most widely recognized characteristics of modern membrane structure. The light transmission of the film can provide the required illumination for the building, which is very important for building energy saving. It is especially important for some commercial buildings that require more light and high brightness. Through the comprehensive utilization of natural lighting and artificial lighting, the transparency of the film can provide a larger aesthetic creation space for architectural design. At night, light transmission transforms the membrane structure into a sculpture of light.

3. Flexibility: The tensioned membrane structure is not rigid, and it will be deformed under the action of wind load or snow load. The membrane structure is adapted to the external load by deformation, and the radius of curvature of the membrane surface in the direction of the load is reduced during this process until it is more effective against the load.

4, The sense of sculpture: the unique curved shape of the tension film structure makes it have a strong sense of sculpture. The membrane surface is self-balanced by tension. The balance of the high and low undulations of the negative Gaussian film makes the larger structure appear to float lightly between the heavens and the earth as if it is free from the restraint of gravity. The sculptural texture of both indoors and outdoors is exciting.

5. Safety: The lightweight tension membrane structure designed according to the existing national codes and guidelines has sufficient safety. The lightweight structure maintains good stability under horizontal loads such as earthquakes.
Due to the light weight of the lightweight structure, even if accidental collapse occurs, the risk is smaller than that of the traditional building structure. When the membrane structure is torn, if the structural arrangement can ensure that the rigid support members such as the mast and the beam do not collapse, the risk is less.

6, especially suitable for large span design.


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