Tension Membrane Structure-in Azerbaijan

October 09,2020

The Republic of Azerbaijan, referred to as Azerbaijan, is located in the southeast of the Caucasus in western Asia. It faces the Caspian Sea to the east, Iran to the south, Russia to the north, and Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to the west and Georgia and Armenia to the west. Azerbaijan means 'country of fire'.

Most people should know that the fabric membrane structure has a good thermal insulation effect, and why is it better than other building materials?

According to research, the membrane structure has a good thermal insulation effect, reflecting 70% of the solar thermal energy, the membrane itself absorbs 17%, and the heat transfer is 13%, but the light transmittance is more than 20%. After 10 years Direct sunlight can retain 70% of its brightness. This has something to do with its own material. The membrane structure itself has light transmission, energy saving, environmental protection, and ultraviolet light; the light transmission of the material is 20% -95%, and natural diffused daylight can be obtained during the day, saving a lot of lighting energy. In addition, the  material has Reflected light and heat can save part of the energy used in air conditioning.

In the traditional tension membrane structure, a change in outdoor temperature causes a large amount of energy and a long time to cause a change in the indoor environment, because the heat storage capacity of the roof and wall can reduce the impact of the drastic changes in outdoor temperature and radiation on the indoor temperature.

In contrast, because the membrane is extremely thin and lightweight, it has little cushioning effect on the indoor environment. The thermal resistance of the membrane itself cannot be used to reduce the impact of external temperature and radiation changes on the room.

Therefore, the tension membrane structure can have an incredible thermal insulation effect.

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