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Tension Membrane Structure - at Tourist Attractions

November 08,2019

With the booming tourism economy, many scenic spots are undergoing upgrading and renovation, and there are even a large number of new scenic camps for planning and construction. Many outdoor supporting spaces in the scenic area require tension membrane structure assistance.

For a large tourist attraction, perfect supporting services are required. Service areas such as hospitality, consultation, ticket sales, etc., large dining areas, entertainment activities, etc. are all essential, and the tension mambrane structure can be very good. Provide large public spaces for these packages. Compared with the use of earthen buildings, the use of membrane structure awnings to create these public spaces for the scenic area has the advantages of lower cost, higher efficiency and no damage to the surrounding environment, and the membrane structure is made of steel frame and has a strong wind resistance of 10 levels. With the ability to withstand 50-80kg of snow, it is a safe building that is suitable for long-term use in tourist attractions!

Fabric membrane structure for these large public spaces in tourist attractions, the membrane structure are available in a variety of specifications, and the technology is relatively mature and relatively low in cost. The 3-60 meter span is equipped with an infinitely extendable assembly structure. Easily create a large space of thousands of square meters, and the landscape film structure can also choose a complete set of lighting, you can create a practical public space of various areas for the scenic area.

There are many types of membrane structure. The tourist scenic spots can choose the appropriate scenic membrane structure according to different styles and practical applications. Of course, you can also consult BDiR Inc.. We have a wealth of experience, you can customize the appropriate membrane structure combination scheme to make the scenic area more beautiful, more practical value and interactive space. 

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