Performance and Characteristics of ETFE Membrane

October 27,2021

Benefits of ETFE
  Excellent light transmittance-ETFE film can be highly transparent and allows ultraviolet rays to pass through. Ultraviolet rays are responsible for promoting photosynthesis, thereby promoting plant growth.
   Solar control/shading-ETFE thin film system can add a variety of glass frit patterns on one or more layers to change its solar performance. The foil is printed with various standard or customized patterns. Color can be introduced in a variety of ways, whether it is applied during the film extrusion process, providing consistent hues of various shades from red to purple, or adding lighting with unlimited color options.
   Elasticity-Although ETFE films are very elastic, they still have structural resistance. The tensile strength at the elastic/plastic limit is 21-23N/mm2, but the tensile strength at the breaking point is 52/Nmm2. For membrane structure calculations, the limit of 15 N/mm is usually conservatively adopted.
   Durable-Long-term exposure to environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays, irritating chemicals or extreme temperature changes, ETFE will not degrade.
  Acoustics-ETFE film has approximately 70% acoustic transmission

Sustainability/Energy Saving-From film extrusion to transportation to the site, compared with other similar coating materials, it consumes very little energy, thereby reducing the overall carbon footprint. In addition, the properties of the product enhance building physics through heat insulation and daylighting, thereby contributing to the global low energy consumption of buildings.
   Cost-effectiveness-Due to the light weight characteristics of ETFE, the substructure support system and concrete foundation can be designed more effectively. The ETFE system also provides sufficient natural lighting, thereby minimizing energy costs by reducing the need for indoor lighting.
  Recyclable-easy to recycle, waste from the manufacturing process and even old ETFE components can be remade into new ETFE products, such as pipe parts, wires or castings.
   Heat dissipation performance
  Compared with the glass system, the multi-layer system can improve the thermal performance. For double-layer or three-layer pneumatic systems, the multilayer film is welded to the panel and inflated with low-pressure air to stabilize the film and provide the thermal performance of the system. In a single-tier application, you can achieve an R value of approximately 1, and in a two-tier system, approximately R value is 2.0. However, the R value of a three-layer ETFE system is about 2.9 degrees Fahrenheit/British thermal unit or the U value is about 0.35 BTU/(2 feet 2 degrees Fahrenheit).
  Air expansion system/energy consumption
   Pneumatic ETFE buffer system is usually supplied by one or more charging units. Each unit is composed of two redundant blowers to form a backup system to ensure structural stability. The air entering the machine will be dried to avoid condensation in the mat. A series of pressure sensors will continuously monitor the internal pressure of the ETFE cushion to keep it between 5 PSF and 6 PSF. If there is a strong wind or snow load, if needed and designed, the sensor can automatically and continuously adjust the pressure to compensate for external loads up to 30 PSF.
   Photovoltaic and LED integration
   Flexible photovoltaic (PV) cells and/or LED lighting can be integrated with a single layer or buffer system to meet performance and/or aesthetic requirements.


   Due to the non-sticky surface characteristics of ETFE, the deposits of dirt, dust and debris will not adhere and be washed away by rain, thus producing a "self-cleaning" effect. However, for all mechanical equipment and its components, annual inspections must be carried out. The inspection includes all necessary inspections for the aeration unit and filter replacement. The ETFE film and its accessories will also be checked for possible damage to prevent any other problems.

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