Modern Designers Often Choose the Geosic Dome Structure as a Greenhouse

June 08,2020

Why many designers often choose the domes building as a greenhouse? Good air distribution and natural light distribution in the dome ensure good conditions for plants. We use the climate control system to build the greenhouse dome, even in the northern climate zone, we can grow tropical plants. It also ensures the controlled diffusion of different solar radiation into the interior of the dome, as well as regulating the temperature, humidity and airflow. It offers the possibility to build a large space without columns and beams, which is very beneficial to the domed building.

The dome shelter is a great choice for those looking for a unique gardening place. Dome greenhouses are convenient because they can turn into trees or oranges. Equipped with open windows, special doors and ventilated rooms. We can build simple tent-covered greenhouses for traditional gardening or luxurious orange glass greenhouses, so that the plants surround and relax in harmony.

Whether you are interested in basic horticulture or commercial planting business, the large dome greenhouse can meet your needs, help you cultivate plants and help them thrive. When exposed to sunlight, the inside of our greenhouse dome is significantly warmer than the external ambient temperature, protecting the contents in cold weather.

We design, produce and build dome greenhouse from 5m to 100m

1. In terms of space lighting, the Geo dome greenhouse is the best choice; the light naturally spreads evenly.
2. Compared with rectangular, spherical amplifies light and absorbs light. Therefore, in the Geo dome greenhouse, you will get more sunlight than the ordinary greenhouse.
3.Geo dome greenhouse can adapt to any landscape.
4.Geo dome greenhouse has a unique and powerful framework.
5. It can be perfectly durable in any weather conditions. It can withstand the strongest wind and the strongest snow.
6. Quick installation
7. High quality, reliability and availability.
Geo dome greenhouse is a source of vitamins throughout the year!

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