How to Turn a Tensile Membrane Tent Hotel into a Holiday Accommodation?

September 15,2020

Due to the emergence of luxury camping tents in tourism accommodation, camping is an important point. Many tent hotels are dominated by single rooms, becoming single rooms arranged in groups. As the times change, tent hotels will slowly upgrade another type of camping program. It is recommended to focus on family homestays. Let's talk about the benefits of a tent hotel as a family bed and breakfast.

As a family homestay, the canvas wall tent can better allow families to travel abroad and feel the warmth of home and the joy of living together. You can also experience the beauty of outdoor natural scenery. Tent hotels can be built into combined rooms, which can be expanded infinitely with interior design and layout. They can be divided into halls, toilets, kitchens, bedrooms, etc., just like a family version of high-end tent hotels.

As a hotel, the cottage tent can greatly improve the layout of the family, focusing on the interior design, and perfect the field tent hotel for a variety of options to live in, and the environment is extremely comfortable, and there is no need to camp with children. Other issues affect.

The custom made tents can be equipped with a variety of different facilities to ensure safe and reliable indoor living. It can also have an adjacent twin children’s bedroom, which not only allows families with children to experience the surrounding environment of the hotel, but also gives them certain It’s personal space, but it can also enter the warmth of the family. Living in a tent hotel in the wild can bring all kinds of comfort to the residents.

According to the above-mentioned family homestay version, BDiR Inc. can design an indoor space that can not only meet the needs of users, but also separate a family apartment-like space indoors. The latest model tents can be cleverly built into a high-end family tent hotel (family homestay), which allows each traveler to experience not only the embrace of nature, but also the warmth brought by living at home.

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