How to Maintain the Tension Membrane Structure?

November 08,2019

How to maintain the tension membrane structure? To extend its useful life, we always find ways to extend their lifespan when using some tools and items, so that we can use it for a longer period of time. 

The design service life of the tensile membrane structure engineering is not fixed. If the quality is good, the tensile structure of  may surpass the design age standard. According to the following requirements,the service life may be longer. Today, let's take a look at how to  make the membrane structure  last longer.

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The first is that when we choose membranes, the economical and practical standards are: if you plan to use them within 10 years, you can choose PVDF membranes; if the life expectancy is more than 10 years, it is recommended to choose PTFE membranes. In the selection of membranes in the same kind of products, we should choose the middle and upper level of the price. We must look at the samples before signing the contract to confirm the quality of the materials. The quality is guaranteed so that the stretched membrane structure you make can last longer.

Above the membrane structure, there is also a steel structure foundation, and the foundation of the steel structure cannot be saved. For a tensioned membrane structure, the steel structural support is the most important factor affecting the safety of use. Insufficient materials for steel structures can easily cause deformation or even dumping of the entire structure. The membrane is damaged, the customer can replace it, but the steel structure is problematic, and the whole project is often scrapped. Therefore, the steel structure is a basic support of the membrane structure and an important factor that cannot be ignored.

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In normal use, we also need to check the use of the membrane structure frequently, and clean up the debris on the membrane surface in time. When we see the accumulation of debris (usually more leaves appearing) on the tensioned membrane structure, we must clean it up in time. The membrane material itself has strong anti-corrosion and anti-mildew ability, but this ability is not unlimited. When the foreign object stays on the membrane surface for a long time, the chemical substance generated during the material decay process will lead to the membrane material. Partial discoloration, if it is serious, it will directly spoil the membrane surface and reduce the service life of the membrane. Do a good job of lacquering and rust prevention. After the membrane structure project is handed over to the owner, the paint rust prevention should be carried out in the maintenance plan of the membrane structure and carefully implemented. How to determine the timing of the touch up? Grinding sandblasting, primer, protective paint and topcoat are the basic processes of steel structure rust prevention. When we see that the topcoat part has been corroded for various reasons, it is necessary to scrape the corroded part in time, then Repainted.

Finally, the most affected weather conditions, check the membrane surface tension in time after the snow storm. Maintaining proper tension on the membrane surface reduces the probability of attachment of foreign objects, while reducing the amplitude of shaking when subjected to external forces (wind and rain) and reducing fatigue damage at the corners of the membrane. The membrane is a flexible material with a certain degree of flexibility, which gradually decreases as the age of use increases. Generally, after the windy and heavy snow weather, the membrane will become slack. At this time, if it is not re-tensioned in time, the membrane will be in a state of extremely vulnerable.

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