Best Ecotourism Place with Eco Tent Villas Resort - Panama

November 08,2019

The Republic of Panama is located on the Isthmus of Panama in Central America, with Colombia to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the south, Costa Rica to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the north. The country is S-shaped connecting North America and South America. The Panama Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean from north to south, and has the name of “World Bridge”. Panama has a land area of 75,517 square kilometers, a land length of 772 kilometers and a width of 60 to 177 kilometers. The coastline is 2,988 kilometers long and the land boundary is 555 kilometers long. In latitude and longitude, Panama is between 7° and 10° north latitude and between 77° and 83° west longitude. The entire territory of the Republic of Panama is ups and downs, and the valleys are vertical and horizontal. Except for the north-south coastal plains, most of them are mountainous. The Republic of Panama is near the equator and has a tropical maritime climate. It is humid during the day and cool at night. The annual average temperature is 23-27 °C. The whole year is divided into dry and rainy seasons, with an average annual precipitation of 1500-2500 mm.

1. No hurricane and earthquake

Panama is blessed by God; it is the only country in Central America that is completely immune to hurricanes. Countries in both China and the United States have suffered a devastating earthquake, but Panama has been spared.

2. Tourist attractions are numerous and densely distributed

Here, you can easily explore Caribbean-style beaches, exotic rainforests, beautiful mountain lodges, historical sites, interesting Miami-style international capitals, golf courses, diving, rafting, fishing and more; It is worth mentioning that one of the eight wonders of the world - the Panama Canal.

3. The best ecotourism place today

Panama has the world's most pristine rainforest and is only an hour away from the international airport. As a narrow land bridge between the two continents of South and North America, Panama has the world's most diverse tropical rainforest region. Its national park covers an area of five million acres. Panama has a diverse variety of organisms and nearly a thousand species of birds; the United States and Canada are also inferior.

4. Awesome beaches and islands

Panama faces two seas and has thousands of islands; there are plenty of beach resorts to choose from, from fully serviced resorts to exotic islands.

The tent hotel resort or camp can be Built & located - be it on water, rocks, desert, sand, a grassy plain, tropical beach, ice field or in dense rainforest. Ideal for ecotourism in Panama, whether in the mountains, Still on the island, the beach.

The BDiR Inc. camp tent is integrated into the tent element design. The main structure is divided into two parts. The high-strength steel pipe and the aluminum alloy bracket and the PVC knife-scraped fiber cloth are designed to blend perfectly with the nature, which can be quickly built and quickly invested. use. The interior space is also a good looking and practical, comfortable big bed, translucent floor-to-ceiling windows, independent bathroom, high-quality home appliances furniture... the comfort level is not lost to the star hotel.

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