How to Clean & Maintain the Membrane Structure Carport?

March 03,2020

If the Tensile membrane structure carport has been used for several years, how to remove the dust on the fabric shade surface?

The fabric of tension membrane structure has a good cleaning function, but due to the influence of external factors will eventually cause dirt accumulation. For example: air pollution, deciduous bird waste, precipitation etc. From a technical perspective, the fabric structure car parking shade does not need to be cleaned. However, from an aesthetic point of view, regular cleaning of the membrane structure carport cloth can maintain the beauty of the membrane structure. 

1. The membrane structure carport should be regularly cleaned with a cleaning agent. The membrane structure carport will be coated with a coating material for the surface treatment layer. When cleaning, pay attention not to use some cleaning agents, strong solvents, hard brushes and other cleaning agents and methods for cleaning. In this way, not only the cleaning effect is not achieved, but also the life of the membrane surface of the membrane structure shade may be affected.

2. The cleaning frequency must be combined with the actual situation. The cleaning membrane structure parking shed is generally combined with normal maintenance. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is necessary to routinely check the equipment to ensure that the membrane structure is stably combined. 1-2 regular inspections and maintenance are performed every year. 

3. Membrane structure carport For special environments, some membrane structure parking sheds need to be cleaned and maintained. Before the rainy season and rainy winter, the membrane surface should be inspected and cleaned up. The membrane surface drainage system should be normal to prevent the occurrence of standing water. Clear water or snow in time. If rain and snow continue, the accumulated water will cause damage to the membrane.

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