Geodesic Dome Kit Drives Tourism Development

March 09,2020

The development of tourism drives the development of the hotel industry. With the increase of residents' income levels and the change in consumption patterns, the tourism industry is increasingly showing a steady growth trend, which has formed a good support for the hotel industry, especially mid-to-high-end hotel consumption. Business travel accommodation is the mainstream group of traditional hotels, and high-end hotels and budget hotel consumption are the current mainstream competition in the hotel industry. With the economic development and consumption upgrading, the demand for mid-range hotels is increasing, and the branding and chain operation of the hotel industry will also become the development trend of the hotel industry. It is expected that the domestic mid-range hotel market will usher in an explosion in the next 5-10 years.

Compared with traditional hotels,eco dome tent hotels have unparalleled advantages. The investment and construction cycle of traditional hotels is relatively long. It usually takes 2-3 years to plan and open a mid-to-high-end hotel. The planning, production, and opening of geodesic dome frames can be as fast as 10 days and as slow as 1 month. The time cost is greatly reduced.

The hotel occupancy rate is an indicator that directly affects hotel operation. Traditional hotels need to invest a lot of costs in the early stages of operation. The upfront lease cost, decoration cost, time cost, and labor cost are very large. After the hotel is put into use, the lease rate is affected by the overall The impact of the economic environment, periodic economic fluctuations, and the consumption cycle of the tourism industry. In short, the hotel industry has a long investment return cycle and unstable investment returns. Especially during the peak tourist season, traditional hotels tend to be in short supply. Although houses can be rented out, they cannot maximize the periodical benefits. In the off-season, the rental rate is very low, which directly affects hotel operations. Compared with igloo dome house, dome houses have unique advantages compared with traditional hotels, with lower initial investment costs, short input life cycles, flexible tent hotel movement, rapid adjustment according to the tourism market, fast return on investment, and obvious benefits.

The large amount of blank in the mid-end hotel market is providing a good terminal market space for the dome tent hotel. The base of the tent hotel is a spherical tent. The interior of the spherical tent can be decorated according to the decoration standards of high-end hotels. The number of hotels can be set according to the geographical conditions of the place of use. The interior style can also be uniform or varied. In the hotel's supporting facilities, tent hotels can set up public spaces separately, such as hotel restaurants, hotel gyms, hotel spa rooms, etc., which can gradually improve the hotel's living experience and star standards. With the continuous integration and improvement of the tent industry and the hotel industry, in the near future, tent hotels may become the main players in the hotel market competition.

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