How to Choose a Reliable Glamping Tent?

December 17,2020

As the industry is now more and more competitive, more and more companies will start to use outdoor tents for different events. Glamping tents are very easy to transport and the overall cost is relatively low. The demand for tents in the market is now even greater. Now there are more and more Glamping tents on the market, and the quality varies, so it is necessary to learn to judge the quality of the tent. So how should I identify?

1, Choose a regular and reliable manufacturer: try to choose a regular and reliable manufacturer, you can check the tent manufacturer's qualifications, the manufacturer's production experience and success stories, as well as relevant documents, certificates, etc., so as to better ensure the quality of the product.

2, For the material: we can look at the quality of the surface, surface greatly affect the quality of the Glamping tent, a good Glamping tent will use, windproof, waterproof, anti-infrared, flame retardant to the material of the surface. Take the Shenzhen Glamping tent for example, most of them are using PVC as surface. Not only can it be waterproof and UV resistant, but it can also resist typhoons of 10-13.

3, Structure profile: a good Glamping tent is the use of high-strength structural steel Q235, so as to ensure the stability of the tent, not easily affected by external shocks. And high-strength steel Q235 are through the appearance of hot galvanized treatment, to avoid oxidation, to avoid the sun, yellowing, aging and other phenomena.

4, Service life: buy tent must be selected to use a long life of the Galamping tent, if often need to be replaced, the natural need to use the cost of more. Generally speaking, the quality of the tent is mainly determined by the quality of the surface and structure, so when buying and selling must be seen clearly.

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