Glamping Tent & Tensile Structure in Thailand

October 12,2020

Thailand is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Thailand is a country of Buddhism, and most Thais believe in the four-faced Buddha. Buddhists account for more than 90% of the country's population.

Thailand is an emerging economy and is considered to be a newly industrialized country. Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, second only to Indonesia.

The characteristics of Thai architecture include: diversified architectural forms, emphasis on the construction of small environments, highlighting the important role of greening in environmental construction, the success of mountain architecture and landscaping, and the distinctive characteristics of folk high-rise houses.

Thailand is a country with a hot and rainy climate. The building is characterized by summer, rain and flood prevention. Thailand's high-rise houses are designed to avoid inconvenience caused by the rainy season, and to adapt to local reptiles such as snakes to prevent injury; large slope roof design can increase the heat dissipation area, while draining quickly avoids roof leakage during heavy rain; blinds ( Wooden) keeps the air circulation inside the house, blocks strong sunlight, and prevents mosquitoes from entering; most modern small high-rise buildings in Thailand use a slogan structure to facilitate ventilation and visor (common in office buildings). Recently, Thailand has introduced solar roofs efficiently. Use natural light energy.

Most popular Nine glaping tent camps in Thailand:
1. Kitakod-Pongkonsao
An eco-tourism attraction that is very close to Bangkok and emphasizes natural scenery. It is located inside the Khao Yai National Park in the North Standard House. Friends who like nature can lie in tents and lie down to see the natural landscape of the reservoir and enjoy the green of the rainy season. Mountain forest.

2. Mae Wong National Park, Gan Heng Bi
An important tourist attraction in Ganhengbi, there are a lot of very attractive natural attractions in the scenic area, including the “Chong Yen” tent camp. It is suitable for friends who like camping, relax in nature and watch the dense fog in the morning.

3. Buddha's Palace Gangkazhang National Park
It can be said that it is a very popular tent camp in Thailand. Visitors can be surrounded by nature, relax in a quiet place, and enjoy the beautiful view of the dam. There are many fun attractions and viewpoints inside the National Park.

4. Phu Thap Boek, Phetchaburi
One of the most popular scenic spots in Thailand is a place where many tourists gather for camping. Visitors can lay tents on the hills at an altitude of 1768 meters and blow the cool mountain breeze. This scenic spot can be visited all year round, but if you want to see the beautiful foggy sea, you can only come to the rainy season.

5. Thung Salaeng Luang, Phitsanulok
Relaxing and relaxing, this is a vast savannah in Thailand. The flowers and trees provide a lot of shade. There are tent camps in the scenic area, allowing visitors to lie down and enjoy the beautiful nature, as well as various interesting projects. Go on vacation during the holidays.

6. Kanchanaburi Erawan Waterfall National Park
Another place in Kanchanaburi that is suitable for the rainy season, surrounded by rich nature, the water brings freshness and the atmosphere is very quiet, and tents can be used to get close to nature.

7. Khao Takian Ngo Mountain View Point, Phetchaburi
It is the most beautiful viewpoint on Khao Kho Mountain. It can enjoy the beautiful foggy sea in 360 degrees. It can also enjoy the sunrise in the morning. The scenery is definitely not lost to other places. The surrounding area is surrounded by nature and the atmosphere is peaceful and quiet.

8. Beacon's Post Office, Keke Post Office
In the popular attractions of Khao Kho, visitors can take tents in the tent camp, enjoy the misty sea in the mountains and the sunrise in the morning. The natural resources are abundant and the beautiful environment can definitely relax you.

9. Bichaeburi Windmill Viewpoint
Another popular tent camp in Bichae, you can immerse yourself in the embrace of nature, watch the huge windmills and beautiful mountain views, lie down and blow the mountain winds, experience all kinds of fun activities, sunflower flowers and giants. Swing.

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