Conch Shaped Tent Accommodation with Double Membrane Walls-Roof Make by BDiR Team

December 03,2020

Conch shaped glamping canvas tents installing by BDiR Team.

The Conch-type luxury outdoor camping tents uses the Q235 hot-dip galvanized steel structure framework and internal & external double-membrane structure, which makes the tent more private and warm, and thermally insulating. The standard size of the eco friendly house is about 42 square meters. It is designed in a modern minimalist and ultra-luxury style.

The door of the luxury tent accommodation is equivalent to a floor-to-ceiling window, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of the scenic spot to the maximum. Each guest room is equipped with a bedroom, providing tourists with corresponding living facilities, such as wardrobes, tables and chairs.

Lightweight tensioned membrane over rigid shell-like framework. The design of the frame has been mechanically tested to make it more stable and safe. The wind resistance or the cabin style tents is even more than 10 levels. It is also possible to build and use in places such as seaside and high mountains. we can do virtually any imaginable form and shape.

BDiR can provide super luxurious and comfortable stretch tents accommodation. Contact us: [email protected]

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