Anti-Shock Function of Tension Membrane Structure

November 08,2019

Japan is a country with many volcanoes and many earthquakes. There are more than 200 large and small volcanoes in the country, and there are about 45 active volcanoes. The earthquakes are very frequent, with an average of more than 1,500 earthquakes per year and a daily average earthquake rate of more than four.

In recent years,fabric  membrane structural materials have been welcomed by the construction industry because of their anti-shock function. The membrane structure has brought good news to the construction industry.

The appearance of the tension membrane structure is actually a high-tech product. These high-tech products can bring us a better quality of life and guarantee. As the saying goes, natural disasters and man-made disasters can't be avoided, but we can use modern high-tech to compensate for the minimization of disasters and losses, which is what we want to see. The membrane structure is a product with the best fire resistance and shock resistance. This high-tech construction product uses the best flame retardant and high temperature resistant materials in the membrane data, which is also the best place for shock resistance. Moreover, its overall structure is very light, even in the event of an earthquake, it will not cause much damage, which is one of the reasons for better shock resistance.

The shock resistance of the tension membrane structure is well known, and the membrane structure of the device is fast, beautiful, short construction period, variability of the curved surface, and its deformation and expansion make the seismic function ten thousand times stronger than the traditional car shed, which is also Its structural composition is inseparable. The membrane structure carport is composed of the unique film material and the steel structure and steel cable of the lower frame, and the field device can be completed.

In fact, the membrane structure is completed by four major processes: body shape planning, initial balance planning, load analysis, and cutting analysis. Regarding any fabric membrane structure, there is no stress-free condition at any time, so its rigidity and stability are strong. Therefore, its cutting is completed with the combination of accurate structural deformation and stress, which also creates a place with extremely strong seismic resistance.

 In summary, we should have an understanding of the anti-shock function of the membrane structure. The construction of the membrane structure information is actually very correct, green and environmentally friendly.

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