7-Shaped Tension Membrane Structure Carport-in Belarus

December 11,2019

Belarus is a landlocked country located in the center of Europe. Countries bordering it include Russia, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. The total area of Belarus is 207,600 square kilometers, 560 kilometers from north to south, and 650 kilometers from east to west. The territory area ranks 13th in Europe.

7-shaped tension membrane structure carport: Now many places to build a parking shed will first think of using a membrane structure, which shows that the advantages of the membrane structure carport have been more and more recognized over the years. The membrane structure is light and flexible, Therefore, the design of the carport can get rid of the monotonous shape of the traditional colored steel tiles and sunboard carports, giving the designer more room for creativity, making the carport not only safe and practical but also a little artistic. The 7-shaped membrane structure carport uses a tension between the membrane material and the support structure to maintain a stable shape, which can reduce the use of columns, which greatly improves the utility of the carport, makes parking more convenient, and because all materials are factory Processing, so its installation is also very fast.

7 font names from the shed membrane structures generally thought that we can shed shape, which is disposed upright side wall hanging, or the overall shaped steel processed to 7, and then tensioned film disposed thereon, a The carport unit provides only one standard parking space. Its advantages: flexible structure, small footprint, can also be built in narrow spaces. Disadvantage: This type of carport has its center of gravity on the edge, so there are strict requirements for the strength of the foundation construction and steel components. If the design or materials are not up to standard, it is likely to bear a large snow load or wind load. There is a risk of dumping. This kind of carport is suitable for all kinds of residential parking lot projects without large open space.

When regular and experienced membrane structure companies are designing, they will definitely consider the stability of the carport under extreme weather, so the amount of steel used is full. For some areas with heavy snowfall, the membrane surface will be increased. The elevation angle allows snow to be eliminated in time.

The most important thing for fabric membrane structure building is to solve the stress balance of the membrane structure. The 7-shaped membrane structure carport has very good characteristics. It uses advanced nano-materials and installs the membrane structure carport just like sewing clothes. The most critical thing is Membrane structural material. Different companies have different cost budgets, and they will choose different membrane structure materials. Of course, different materials will have different effects. Different membrane structure materials will affect the service life of membrane structure carports. Generally, regular companies will With high-quality membrane structural materials, of course, good materials also mean higher costs.

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