Why Hotel Tents Have Gradually Become the Main Body of Eco-tourism Resorts?

November 12,2019

Hotel tents are actually not a strange, and have been popular in some developed tourism regions in the world.For example: Safari Camp in Jabulani - Kapama - South Africa, Amaha Desert Resort in the Arabian Peninsula, Swiss Snow Mountain Camp, Whitepot Tent Hotel, Banyan Tree Tent Resort etc.

With the rapid development of outdoor tourism in recent years, people's quality of life is getting higher and higher. Many people propose the concept of renting and traveling. That is to say, renting a house, using the savings of buying a house to develop a tourism vision, or in a fast-paced life, find yourself a comfortable place to relax yourself. It seems that the rise of tourism will be inevitable, and the traditional way of tourism is not able to meet the needs of passengers. Many tourism developers may also realize this, so the various new types of tourist hotels, resorts, farms, and famous places are coming.

The first impression of the tent is the essentials for outdoor camping, which is convenient for carrying wind and shelter, while the hotel tents occupy the market of the new tourism & holiday industry according to the traditional hotel model combined with the advantages of tent accommodation. That is to say, the guest's living tent room is a single-family house, like living in a tent. In fact, it is a modul combination house of fabric covers, light steel and wooden structure with smart&luxurious home decoration. The inner of tented room has the same facilities as the traditional room, and there is an exotic culture.

You can build a tent hotel at any time according to the passenger flow. It is low-carbon, environmentally friendly, simple and comfortable, and you don't have to worry about heat insulation, sound insulation, heating, lighting and so on.

BDiR Inc. has extensive experience in the design, technology, production and construction of tent hotels.

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