What is the Advantages of Landscape Tensile Membrane Structure?

November 12,2019

The landscape tensile membrane structure, the friends who have an understanding of the tensile membrane structure can basically say a rough, in short, some of the tensile membrane structure equipment in the tourist attractions, including parking sheds, rest points and so on. Then, which company is more professional in making landscape film structure? Can there be a landscape film structure with success stories to learn from?

The tensile membrane structure is widely used in commercial plazas, stadiums, bus stations, toll stations, sewage pool cover tensile membrane structures, biogas tank cover tensile membrane structures, transportation facilities, environmental protection facilities, landscape facilities, cultural facilities, parking sheds, steel structure workshops, etc. tensile membrane structure design and installation, and membrane material processing.

Landscape tensile membrane structure engineering can provide a variety of uses and integrate with the garden landscape. Create a happy space for people to enjoy. It fully demonstrates the artistic beauty of the structural members' clear force. It subtly integrates the surrounding environment and gives people a sense of elegance, romance and warmth. In addition, due to the unique color rendering of the film structure material, it can form a colorful landscape under the mapping of nighttime lanterns. Not only provide people with space for sunshade and rain. At the same time, it is popular because of its lively shape that gives people a stylish and relaxed feeling of relaxation.
The light and compact shape of the tensile membrane structure is used to construct a variety of semi-closed, fully enclosed spaces, which make it an all-weather building space, providing weatherproof, sun-proof and other artificial environments, and has a good advertising logo effect. The landscape tensile membrane structure is also an excellent choice for the renovation and construction of pedestrian streets.

So, how to maintain and maintain the landscape tensile membrane structure with so many advantages?

1. General requirements for engineering maintenance
Protection and maintenance of landscape tensile membrane structure engineering. The surface of the membrane should not be in contact with the knife or sharpener to avoid scratching and scratching the surface of the membrane. Once the film is found to be scratched and severely scratched, effective measures should be taken in time to avoid more serious damage. At the same time, the manufacturer is notified to repair it. The surface of the steel component must not be hit and scratched by hard objects, and should not be exposed to various acids. , alkaline and organic solvents.
2. When the surface of the landscape tensile tensile membrane structure membrane needs to be cleaned and cleaned:
a. Workers should not wear hard-soled shoes to directly contact the surface to prevent sand from grinding the surface and severely scratching the surface of the film.
b. When cleaning the surface of the membrane, use clean water or neutral detergent. It is not suitable to use acidic or alkaline materials such as gasoline, alcohol or chlorine.
c. It is not advisable to stack foreign objects such as iron parts, chemicals or other colored materials for a long time.
3. The steel structure, steel cables, splints and bolts in the structure shall not be arbitrarily adjusted or disassembled without the approval of the manufacturer.
Landscape shed item of the south bank service area of Hangzhou Bay Bridge
4. It is not allowed to pull and hang heavy objects and articles on the membrane without permission.
5. Users should regularly prevent rust and maintenance of steel structure safety (half year to one year) to ensure structural safety and prevent rust water droplets from falling on the surface of the membrane.

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