What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention To When Selecting Tension Structure & Awning?

December 20,2021

1. Tension structure sunshade is suitable for shading the doors and windows of low-rise and multi-story buildings. It is not suitable for shadows on the exterior of high-rise buildings.

2. For systems with automatic control functions, wind control and rain control sensing devices are usually installed, and light control can be selected according to specific conditions.

3. The manual driving mode with external shading is usually not suitable for squares and other open places with few people.

4. The material, thickness, specification, size and form of the sunshade material, the form and specification of the fixing device, the power of the motor (when electrified), the wind pressure of the place of use, etc. are related to each other. It is necessary to ask for relevant technical data from professional manufacturers based on specific project conditions, and make selections after comprehensive consideration.

5. The connection method between the shading system and the main body of the building, lightning protection measures and other safety-related issues should be jointly studied and determined by the engineering designer and professional manufacturer according to the specific project conditions.

6. When choosing a sunshade system with a shutter box, the impact of different positions of the shutter box on the energy saving of the wall should be considered.

How to maintain and clean the awning?
1. The sunshade structure can only be stowed after it is cleaned and dried. When you must put the wet tent away, remember to fully unfold it and let it dry.

2. When cleaning the awning, it should be fully opened and cleaned when it is dry. When cleaning and maintaining, please use the correct steps, do not lean against the sun visor, and do not press the sun visor too hard. Before using the automatic controller to perform any operation on the awning, be sure to cut off the power and turn off the automatic device.

3. Whether the awning needs to be cleaned depends largely on the environment (traffic density, air pollution, industrial pollution, etc.).

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