What Are The Requirements for Setting Up A Luxury Glamping Tent?

June 21,2021

Luxury camping tent is now a key building in tourist attractions, simple and beautiful, especially suitable for those who travel for a short time.The scenic site itself is relatively flat, with small undulations and regular shapes, such as vast plains, low hills, coastal deserts, broad grasslands, and so on.

It is suitable for some tourist attractions with tight land use, giving full play to its advantages of compact layout and land saving. Radiation organically combines scattered, opposite and concentrated scattered plots, and flexible selection of site uses according to the natural conditions of the plots. The camping area is independent and the landscape is different. It can also be combined with the environment to increase the entertainment field in the camping area.

1. In the scenic area, the space can be used to form a radiation distribution, such as some forests, alluvial banks of rivers, etc.
2. The usable site formed by the area where the platform is the main terrain forms a discontinuous flaky distribution, and the distance and elevation between the flaky land are not much different.
3. The hilly area can be used as a gentle slope area for the radial spatial layout of the camping area.
4. Scenic areas with relatively complex terrain.
5. There are scattered resources in the scenic area that need to be protected.
6. Glamping Tent House has high requirements for the camping environment in the camp area, and the landscape has a changing and characteristic scenic spot.

Each eco tents camping area of the main axis type is almost independent, and completely different camping features can be developed in accordance with the environmental characteristics; it has strong selectivity and is easy to construct in the surrounding ecological environment. The layout is very scattered, the management is difficult, and the layout of service facilities is also difficult. For some necessary facilities, each camping area needs to be arranged, and the cost is relatively high. It is suitable for construction in a large-scale scenic tourist area with a long scenic tour route or in a mountainous environment where the scenic spots are relatively scattered.

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