What are the Applicable Occasions for Tension Membrane Architecture in Daily Life?

September 24,2020

The modern architectural environment of tensioned structure is a comprehensive expression of modern cities, modern culture and society, and the lives and concepts of modern people. In terms of showing the individuality, self-entertainment and diversified environmental space of modern people, tensioned fabric buildings with its unique architectural form will surely be more and more widely used in environmental construction. Today we will understand the applications of membrane structure together. 

1. Comprehensive sports facilities: a large open stadium, the tension shade sails can meet the following conditions: a large-span space, large-area coverage is required, sports pursuit, contemporary style, natural ventilation, natural lighting, no insulation Thermal, special sound treatment.

2. Commercial buildings:  the shade structures have unique architectural recognizability and commercial effects due to novel architectural shapes and special night scenes. The shade awnings can be applied to various commercial buildings, such as large shopping malls, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc. , Small booths, booths, shops, pedestrian streets, etc., for large enclosed architectural spaces, thermal design and light environment design should be carried out to meet thermal insulation requirements, specially designed artistic lighting effects, and acoustic environment generally do not have special requirements.

3. Cultural and entertainment facilities: Membrane structure buildings can be applied to various large and small entertainment facilities, including theaters, concert halls, conference halls, museums, exhibition centers, aquariums, marine parks, ecological gardening, etc. According to the specific functions of the building, reasonable membrane materials are selected for sound, light and thermal design. It should be noted that for theaters and concert halls, it is necessary to control echo and noise to ensure music quality; ecological gardening pays attention to light transmittance and ultraviolet light transmittance; exhibition halls focus on thermal insulation and appropriate light transmittance.

4. Transportation facilities: At present, the membrane roof structures have been widely used in large airports, railway stations, highway transportation hubs, shipping centers, small bus stations, toll stations, ship terminals, gas stations, flyover corridors, etc.

5. Industrial facilities: the fabric structures buildings can already be used in various light factory houses, clean plants, warehouses, logistics centers, R&D centers, information centers, etc. Here, membrane structures are mainly used to build large spans, short construction periods, natural lighting and natural lighting. Ventilation, high economy, etc., but the R&D center should meet certain thermal design indicators.

6. Landscape facilities: the canopy structures with its special architectural expression techniques, mainly embodied in the shape, diffuse light transmittance, and colorful, can be widely used in entrances, iconic sketches, pedestrian streets, parking lots, etc., other architectural features need not High demands.

7. Art field: The changeable support structure and flexible membrane materials make the architectural shape more diversified, novel and beautiful, and also embodies the beauty of the architectural structure, and the color is rich, which can create more free architectural shapes and richer language arts.

8. Aviation, aerospace, advertising airships, etc.: Because the membrane structure has good corrosion resistance, heat insulation, flame retardancy and low electromagnetic wave penetration loss, it can be made as an antenna protector; because the membrane is very light, it is easy to make airships and filled with helium Light gas, such as air and nitrogen, make the airship have great load-bearing capacity. At the same time, it is equipped with a certain propulsion power, propeller, signal, and balance system. The lightweight structures can be used for transportation, emergency rescue, event communication relay, and high-altitude communication platform. 


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