Travelers Favorite Photography Destination-Luxury Glamping Tent Resorts

December 21,2020

For experienced travellers, glamping tents are not only a must-have outdoor residence, but also a part of the landscape, and the ultimate experience it brings is the reason for your travel.

The greatest charm of luxury glamping tent is that it allows you to completely return to nature and make yourself a part of the vast nature. In the hazy landscape, you wake up when you hear birds cry in the morning, and sleep with insects and frogs at night...

In a forest park in China, there is a glamping resort surrounded by mountains. Because the starry sky here is so beautiful, it is a starry sky photography resort privately owned by many senior photographers.

Look at the world back to nature in a cooler way. Living in a glamping tent can not only breathe fresh air in the wild, but also experience the twinkling of stars in the night sky. The camp is hidden deep in the mountains, and there is little light pollution. When shooting the starry sky last night, I directly moved the balcony chairs onto the wooden plank road and started shooting. My companions said that it was the first time that shooting stars were so comfortable.
Before shooting the starry sky, you had to run to the wilderness, freezing and cold, now you set up the camera and set up the data, and you can go back to the tent and play with the computer under the blanket. It's so comfortable to shoot the stars.

In addition to lying down and watching the stars in eco tents to experience the wild fun, comfort must be guaranteed.
The skin-friendly materials selected for the bedding ensure the comfort of sleep, the warm solid wood floor can be stepped on to squeak, which is very interesting, and the indoor lighting is soft and relaxing.
Although sleeping in the wild, is quite convenient. The camping area is equipped with washing utensils, public toilets, and bathing rooms, not far away, and they are all very clean.

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