The Use Of The Geodesic Dome Tent

October 30,2020

In addition to the excellent applications in various outdoor and commercial activities, geodesic dome tents begins to take the place of the traditional building in many scenery sites.So what are the uses of dome tents in scenic spots

Geodesic dome tents has become a new choice for outdoor space in the scenic area for its unique and attractive appearance and excellent waterproof and high wind load capacity. Moreover, as an outdoor semi-permanent building, the dome house not only has a life span more than 10 years, but also not occupy the land area and damage the environment of the scenic spot. So it is naturally favored by a large number of scenic camps!

Dome tent with small diameter

Small-size tents are generally about 5-10 meters in diameter, and the overall area is not very large, about 20-80 square meters. At present, it is most most widely used as a wild luxury hotel accommodation. The semi-transparent dome space and the characteristics of not damaging the environment, fast building and dismantling make it a good choice for scenic accommodation. In addition, its attractive appearance is also suitable for many different applications such as ticket halls, independent outdoor restaurants, leisure gardens, etc.

Dome tent with large diameter

With continuous breakthroughs in the technology, geodesic dome with larger area of space can bring more applications to the scenic spot. For example, the conventional dome shape is very suitable for applications such as large-scale service centers,entertainment centers, restaurants, etc., and even large-scale skating rinks, badminton, basketball and other sports venues. You can also use light projection and ball Screen technology creates a panoramic dome experience hall, adding very attractive entertainment items to the scenic spot!

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