The Key to the Space Pretension System

November 08,2019

The most important point of the fabric structure building to meet the technical requirements of large-span free space is its effective space pretension system. Some people refer to the fabric structure as a prestressed soft shell, which is the pretension so that the internal forces of various parts of the soft shell (cable, film) under all kinds of most unfavorable loads are always greater than zero (always in the stretched state), thus making soft The shell becomes the structural media and building enclosure material for the overall work of the space, and the two sides are both in the building and structure.

The key role of pretension in fabric structures construction is:

1. Smooth drainage of the fabric structure;

2. Make the overall spatial structure system work together;

3. Make the system resistant to extremely unfavorable load conditions such as squally winds and heavy snow;

4. Allow the system to cover large-area, large-span, column-free free space;

5. Make the fabric structures body wear and wear, prolong the service life and become a permanent building;

6. Make the fabric membrane structure building accessible to the roof and provide convenient conditions for maintenance;

7. Make the fabric structures rich in fascinating tension curves and unpredictable space.

Pretension is not an installation measure that can be adjusted at will during the construction process. It is a core and key that must be adjusted and determined during the initial stage of design. In this sense, film coverings that have not been properly designed with appropriate pretensioning measures are not part of the construction of fabric structures.

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