The Eco Construction of Membrane Structure Roof in Germany

October 12,2020

The Federal Republic of Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in Central Europe. The country is composed of 16 federal states, the capital is Berlin, the territory is 357,167 square kilometers, and the population is about 81.1 million. It is the most populous country in the European Union. Germany is A highly developed capitalist country, is one of the four major European economies, its social security system is perfect, and its citizens have a very high standard of living.

High-rise office buildings, luxury commercial buildings, and courtyard-style building communities often use patios. It is not a waste of space to set up a patio in these buildings, but to share space, rest space, transportation space and environmental landscape. And the combination of visual interest center is a favorable design technique. In recent years, with the maturity of this new type of fabric membrane technology, its application has also penetrated into various fields. In addition to common parking sheds, sports stands and landscape applications, the scope of use of membrane structures has gradually expanded. Innovative achievements have also been made in environmental protection. 

Compared with the traditional building roof, the biggest feature of the membrane structure roof is that it has a stylish appearance, has a strong sense of art, and uses the balance of power to naturally form a beautiful shape of the membrane structure. The architect and the structural engineer work together to combine the skills of the membrane structure roof. Obtaining a high degree of uniformity, the membrane structure roof has many performance advantages:

1. Light weight: Membrane structure roof is one or several orders of magnitude lighter than traditional glass, aluminum plate and other building roofs, and the weight of the structure per unit area will not increase significantly with the increase in scale and span. Good shock resistance, weather resistance and long service life.

2. Good light transmission: The membrane structure roof uses special light transmission material with good light transmission, which can ensure that the space under the patio is fully illuminated. If colored lights are installed under the film, another scene can be presented at night.

3. Good safety performance: The membrane structure materials are all flame retardant materials, and have excellent fire resistance. Membrane is a flexible surface material. Unlike glass, it is easy to break, and it does little harm to people or property. The supporting structure of the membrane structure roof is a reasonably designed steel structure, which will not cause overall collapse when encountering severe weather.

4. Cost advantage: For the time being, the membrane structure roof may be slightly larger for the first time, but due to the low daily maintenance cost of this type of structure. Therefore, the economic advantage of the membrane structure roof is directly proportional to the scale, span and technical difficulty. In large-span buildings and high-rise buildings, the cost is only 2/3 of glass, and the service life can be up to 25 years. Easy to build, easy to disassemble, and easy to maintain.

At present, many commercial buildings, factory building , private residential  and other places are constructed with tensile membrane structures, which are both sunshade and rain, and are unique landscaped buildings. 




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