Tension Membrane Structure of Stage Cover

December 30,2019

The tension membrane structure is very advantageous when building a stage. What are the advantages of the stage membrane structure? The following is a detailed introduction :

1. Sense of sculpture
The common curved shape of the stage tensile membrane structure makes it have a fierce sculptural feeling, and the membrane surface relies on the pre-tension form to achieve stability. The membrane's undulations have a sense of balance that makes the larger structure look lighter than the shackles of gravity.

2. Expressive architectural shapes
(1). Constructions with specific functions can be expressed through intention. The common shape of the stage membrane structure expresses the natural beauty of the building itself.

(2). The shape of these buildings together with the traditional buildings harmonized with them constitute an interesting landmark on the ground.

(3). Excellent membrane structure planning is an organic blend of structure and appearance, making it stand out from the outside, and organically integrate with the natural environment, prehistory and modern urban scene.

3. scalability and adaptability
(1). The stage membrane structure can be regarded as an artificial self-adaptive system. Like many natural organisms, it can change its form according to demand.

(2). Space placement and response to climate change are flexible and adaptive.

(3). Controlled natural light and internal temperature charging can reach the intention of active energy saving. The expandable structure can be opened or closed, and its flexibility allows it to change the characteristics of the space.

(4). The elegant sliding of the well-planned expandable roof expresses the harmony between human and nature.

(5). The combination of lightness and extensibility forms the concept of "no construction house". This structure can be completed at any time or address.

4.  light transmission
Light transmission is one of the most widely recognized characteristics of modern stage. The light transmittance of the membrane can provide the required illuminance for the building, which is very important for building energy saving. It is especially important for commercial buildings that require more light and high brightness. Through the comprehensive use of natural and artificial lighting, the transparency of the membrane can provide a greater aesthetic creative space for architectural design. At night, the translucency transforms the stage film structure into a light sculpture, adding color to the artistic performance.

5.  Mobility and temporary
Another outstanding advantage compared to other structures is that the lightweight structure has an adjustable environmental impact. In addition, the stage membrane structure also has two important characteristics, namely mobility and flexibility. The structure can be repeatedly demolished at different locations, and this is the movable stage film structure. It combines nomadic and settlement architecture.

The above are the advantages of the membrane structure in stage building , and also the reason why many stage construction choose the membrane structure material.

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